Hello my dog friend:

Healthy Whiskers Hip & Joint Pet Supplement

Healthy Whiskers Hip & Joint Pet Supplement

Pet parents have a special bond with their canine family members—they’re there for each other in good times and bad—always giving each other unconditional love! (I know my mom says I am the “love of her life.”)

So it is easy to imagine the heart break, sadness and guilt that dog parents feel when they see their beloved pet start to struggle to get up. To painfully climb the stairs. To limp along no longer participating in family life. To know their dog is no longer enjoying life because of joint pain.

Hi. I’m Hooligan the Great Dane. My full name is Hooligan T. Dane, but really, my mom only calls me that when I am in trouble. (Like the time I ate all the smoked sausage off the counter when she turned her back on me . I was in trouble—but I’m still not really sorry I did that because that sausage was YUMMY!) But I digress.

I can tell you first hand how sad my mom was when she realized I was starting to hurt. (Dogs can tell these things.) As a 5 year old great dane, I’m getting to be middle aged. And I can tell you that my poor old joints don’t work quite as well as when I was a young pup.

I used to love to go for walks with my mom and play ball outside at the dog park. Mom would always smile when she watched my ears flapping in the breeze as I’d run to catch that ball! (And I love making mom smile.) But running and jumping was starting to hurt and I didn’t want to play as much as I used to. I had trouble getting into the car to run errands with mom. (I’m on protection duty, you know!) I didn’t even like going for walks anymore! My hips just hurt too much.

My mom noticed. And boy was she sad. She loves me so much and wanted me to be able to enjoy my life! And I was sad too because I still WANTED to do things with mom, I just hurt too much to do so.

So mom started on a mission to help me. And believe me, she tried everything. She gave me pain pills to make me feel better. And they did. But they also made me sleepy. She tried massage therapy, heat therapy and even acupuncture. (OW! Those are A LOT of needles!) And some of that stuff worked—for a while. I’d walk better for a couple of days. And then it wore off. Really, everything she tried was expensive and didn’t really help as much as we wanted.

My poor mom was at her wit’s end. She wanted to help me SO MUCH. Then one day, while we were at the dog park (she was still taking me there so I could see my friends), she was telling her friend how much her heart hurt seeing me lose my zest for fun (she always called me her big clown). That’s when her friend told her about a product she had been using that really helped her dog (my friend Bonkers) to feel more like himself again. And it was true, I could really see that Bonkers was moving easier and no longer appeared to be in pain as he went to fetch his ball.

She said it was a Hip & Joint Supplement made especially for dogs by a company called Healthy Whiskers. Bonker’s mom said that this was an all natural product that was made in a cGMP facilty (that means certified for good manufacturing practices—a gold standard for supplements) – so she knew it was safe. And it is tested by a third party laboratory to insure this was really a high quality supplement. (That made me feel good.) Even better, it is made right here in the USA. (That made me happy because I am an All-American dog!)

The best part is, she said it made her dog feel SO much better! And she said he’s back to walking and playing as part of the family again! And that day at the dog park, you could tell he really was feeling better. I was so glad to see that Bonkers was feeling better. And his great results made me want to give it a try as well. My mom said she’d look into it. (She always does a lot of research to be sure that everything she gives me is high quality, healthy and safe for me to take. You know how moms are. )

Her research found that Healthy Whiskers Hip & Joint Supplement contains glucosamine for joint health, chondroitin sulfate for flexibility, MSM for structural integrity support and hyaluronic acid to prevent cartilage damage or, in my case, to repair damage that already started. Best of all, this is an all natural formula that takes its healthy ingredients from shell fish, pork or beef (yum!) in an aloe vera juice base. Basically, she found out it is good for me! So she ordered some for me to try.

I started taking it twice a day and boy does it taste good! Mom says giving me my medicine has never been so easy. (She used to hide pills in peanut butter and I would spit them out when she wasn’t looking. HA!) Healthy Whiskers is a liquid formula. And mom says the proper dosage is written right on the bottle. She just spoons it over my food and yum—I am taking my medicine with my delicious dinner! (She thinks she’s fooling me but honestly this stuff tastes so good that I am happy to “wolf it down, baby!”)

Pretty soon both mom and I were noticing a visible improvement in both my mobility and flexibility. (I think that was when the joint inflammation began to decrease.) I noticed I could get up easier and go up and down the stairs with less pain. And I started thinking that maybe I could start taking walks with mom again. After a couple more weeks, mom and I were back to our regular daily walks. (I am king of the neighborhood again—strutting my stuff!) I really have experienced maximum pain relief.

Mom says it makes her heart sing to see me feeling perky again and acting more like me! (Yup, her “big clown” is back on the job.)

Now mom tells other dog parents about this wonderful supplement. I’ve heard her tell other dog parents that many veterinarians now advise using Glucosamine & Chondroitin to eliminate joint pain in older dogs. But I also heard that it can be used for younger pets as well to prevent joint damage and to avoid the pain that I went through! (I wish we’d known about this when I was a young whippersnapper!)

I am thrilled to say Healthy Whiskers Hip and Joint Supplement for dogs has changed my life! I’ve got a spring in my step and I am feeling good!

From one dog to another, I suggest you try Healthy Whiskers Hip & Joint Pet Supplement for dogs today and give yourself the gift of a better, more pain free life. Click the buy button now!Buy Now

Oh yeah, and one more thing. I heard my mom say that Healthy Whiskers has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They say you should use the whole bottle. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, all you need to do is let them know and they will cheerfully refund your purchase price. She said that made her feel it was safe to try since it was really risk free.

But honestly, I am very confident that you will be delighted as you experience noticeable pain relief and increased mobility. You can go back to being your mom (or dad’s) best friend again. Try Healthy Whiskers today by clicking the buy button now!

As for me, I just heard my mom say the magic words: “Wanna go for a walk! “ And I am ready to go, go, go. See ya later! (Now, where did I put my leash?)

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Thanks for reading,

Hooligan Dane